The Random Item

Horn of Goodness


The Horn of Goodness

This horn has the Magical ability to buff all Good aligned things and Debuff all evil aligned things for a 50 ft. Radius.

good evil
It heals for 2d20 It deals 2d20 damage
Adds 1d6 Hp for 10 min. Takes away 1d6 Hp for 10 min
get +1 for saves for 10 min. get -1 for saves for 10 min.


The Horn of Goodness was made by an Unimportant Guy, in the city of Unimportant, 6854 years ago.
It was made by the order of King It Doesn’t matter, so that he could win the war vs. the Evil unimportant anythings.
It did it’s job, then was put in a museum.
6842 years later, a random person finds it and buys it because it looks cool and has lots of pretty colors on it.
Then it was stolen.

The Random Item

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